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Reducing Farm Excess and Fighting Hunger

Our Mission is to help solve issues of food waste and hunger

One Fruit and Vegetable at a Time

Up to 40% of farmers' crops

do not have a home

and are often left in the field.  These fruits and vegetables are perfectly healthy and delicious, but because of their odd shape or size, are considered 'excess'.  Our mission is to "REVIVE" the lives of these incredible natural resources and make extraordinary foods for people. 

Every day, millions of people 

are food insecure

meaning they have no idea where their next meal is coming from.  At Ripe Revival, we are committed to helping in the fight against hunger, providing healthy foods to those in need.  For every purchase of our goods, we donate back to make a difference for those who are hungry.  

Changing Lives

Through Fruits and Vegetables

Keepin' it REAL

Real Foods.

Real Ingredients.

Made by Real People.

For Real Life.