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Farm Fresh

Farm Partners

Ripe Revival is built upon real ingredients and the real people that grow them.  We are proud to partner with multi-generation, family farms across the United States that focus on cultivating delicious and high quality produce. 

Behind every harvest are real people that we are honored to work with to create life-giving foods.  Follow along with us @riperevival to get to know our farm partners and the families that work hard to make our gummies possible.

Fresh Produce

Our fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested for peak quality, flavor and nutrition.  What many do not know is that up to 40% of farmer's crops are left in the fields just because of odd shape, size or imperfections.  At Ripe Revival, we are proud that through our innovative technology, we are able to use 100% of farmer's crops and capitalize on their prime nutrients! 

In other words - we are reviving produce and people - one bite at at time!